Monday, February 22, 2010

So, I began my yearly anti- resolution routine by claiming I wouldn't make any resolutions to better myself.....even though there are things I struggle to change in myself for the better! As I get older, the struggle with my weight has continued. I feel quite ashamed to be 26 years old and in such poor shape! I can stick to routines if I try but life always seems to get in the way and I give up. I have made excuse after excuse as to WHY I cannot do this! And as I have packed on the pounds, I decided to buckle down and make the change.

I started eating better and taking yoga a couple of times a week almost three months ago. I wanted to start slow so I wouldn't get frustrated and want to quit. I have now re-committed myself to the P90X workout and just completed my first week of phase one. I am FINALLY going to do this and am looking forward to seeing myself transform into a better and healthier me!