Thursday, January 28, 2010

To blog, or not to blog. That is the question.

I have debated now for quite sometime about whether or not to hop back onto the blogging bandwagon since abandoning my days of Xanga years and years ago. I write every single day most of the time in a journal. I have a very huge collection of journals that I have been writing in for the last twelve years of my life. Not really writing for any particular type of audience in mind, just something I have done for so long it has become a daily part of my life.

I see it as an outlet. A way to share my feelings, thoughts, ideas, etc. with the whoever is willing to listen....or in this case read. So I guess in a way this is my introduction blog. I am not exactly sure what my intentions behind this blog are or will become but for now I just know that it will be another outlet for my writing.

So, hello to the world of blogspot. Glad to be here!