Friday, May 28, 2010

Sleepless nights = no bueno

It's 4:28 a.m. and I have to start getting for work in exactly 32 minutes. I worked until 10 and got home 15 minutes later. Got tired and attempted to lay down for bed. And yeah, as you can see that was completely unsuccessful.

This week so far has been kind of crazy. I started back at my new (old/original) store on Monday and I have sooooooo much work to do. I have to admit that I'm a little bit overwhelmed. I knew it was a little messy and I needed to do a basic overhaul of the department but I had no idea it was in such bad shape. We're short handed management wise, so for now I'm stuck closing more than I normally do. That makes it kind of hard to really get anything done. Plus, I have to get used to working in a high volume store again. Much busier than I remember it to be!

Closing all the time has also of course put Mac and I on opposite schedules. He closes when I have an early shift and I close when he's off or has an early shift. Go figure! So we haven't been able to spend any time together this week at all.

But overall, I am kind of excited about my new "project". I can't wait to see the finished product even though it's going to be a sloooooooooooooow process. Lots of broken things that I'm not really sure how to fix. (Lucky for me that my dad is an electrician and knows how to do a lot of plumbing! Comes in handy when having to fix a huge 3,100+ gallon fish system!)

I'll probably be M.I.A. for the next month working so hard. I have pretty much been worn out every single day I have left work this week. (And yet, I'm still awake?) I'm so looking forward to my two days off in a row and a 4 day work week next week. Though, I have a ton of stuff I could be doing at work!

Wish me luck at keeping sane these next few weeks! :)


Yoj said...

Here's to hoping you're able to catch some shut eye soon! Which store are you back at?

Tell your Dad I said hello- I haven't seen him in ages! :)

Amber said...

I'm back at the Cool Springs/Brentwood PetSmart. To do a little clean up in the small critter/bird/fish/reptile dept. Gotta jazz it up all nice like the Spring Hill I department I set up and ran for 2 years. :) Lots of work but it will be a nice project!

Going on 36+ hours awake. And I will tell my dad you said hello! :)