Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm a little bit country, she's a little bit........insane.

I'm slightly obsessed with Oxygen's true crime TV show Snapped. I can sit and watch a marathon of episodes for hours and hours. The boyfriend is completely creeped out by the show and refuses to watch it with me. He literally BEGS me to change the channel. He says watching a show about how crazy women kill their husbands and boyfriends freaks him out! While the show is obviously creepy and demented, I find it very interesting to see how time and time again women think that they can get away with the "ultimate" murder like they have no chance of getting caught.

Plus, if I should ever feel the need to kill off my boyfriend I can definitely say I know exactly what NOT to do.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Love you, Macaroo!

I also find it funny that this network has so much programming devoted to all the crazy biotches of the world. Then again, I do contribute to the number of viewers watching.

And for the love of GOD, I am sooooooooooo tired of these stupid Flirty Girl Fitness commercials. It disturbs me.