Monday, August 16, 2010


I had the day off today and I spent the majority of it looking up various wedding information. Researching catering companies and bakeries and photographers. I am almost positive we found someone to cater the wedding. It just depends on how many people will for sure be coming to the wedding. I stumbled upon an amazing photographer tonight and I am pretty sure we will be using him! Just have to see what Mac thinks of his work. It's totally in our price range and the wedding packages are by far better than anything else I have looked at.

I achieved the following so far:
- My half of the guest list.
- Potential Caterer (Enchanted Events Catering)
- Potential Wedding Cake (The Sweetest Day)
- Engagement/Wedding Photographer (Check him out! Epic Image of Nashville)

My mom is stressing me out a little. She keeps suggesting things that we don't want. She and my dad aren't even paying for the wedding so I'm not exactly sure why she's hounding me about the cost of things. (Gotta love my MOTHER!) My parents decided years ago that they felt it was more important for my sister and I to have a nice home when the time came for us to get married. So they plan to help fund our down payment on a house rather than to pay for a wedding. They plan to match half of what we can save ourselves. I think that sounds like a pretty good deal!

I just want to start planning this all a little at a time to try to prevent me from a stress overload. We are meeting at Mac's family church on Thursday to take a tour and meet with the minister. I have already seen a few pictures of the historic church and it got me pretty excited about this being the right location choice.



J said...

Mmmm CAKE!

Have you scheduled an appt with her to do samples? Holy crap- best idea ever!

You're really making a dent in the planning. How awesome are your folks to help w/a down payment for a house? That's a great gift!