Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm engaged!

Most of the online world already knows but I can't help but say it again. It just feels so weird. I've been engaged for almost 6 days now. My ring was done two days early getting sized so I got to pick it up today. I got there two minutes after they were officially closed but they let me pick up my ring anyway! I was sooooooooo glad! Props to the people over at Genesis Diamonds in Cool Springs. After going to five different stores, the fiance
(that's soooooooooooooooo weird to say!) decided to buy my ring there. I love, love, love what he picked out. I always knew I didn't want a huge ring and he picked out the perfect size for me.

I am so excited for the next step in our relationship. It's definitely an amazing feeling when you know you've found the one. I was so shocked and the engagement was so unexpected! Our 2 year anniversary was July 25th (Everyone always says it seems like we've been together longer but we've been friends for 6 years. So maybe that's why.) so we decided to celebrate by going out of town the week after to Gatlinburg for 4 days. The funny thing is that I got him a card for his birthday which was the day before our anniversary as well as an anniversary card. He didn't get me a card at all and I was so hurt that he forgot to get one. Little did I know that 3 weeks prior he asked my parents permission to marry me.

We got engaged on July 28th and I've been in shock ever since. I'm excited and a little overwhelmed already but I'm so happy because I know that in a year I will be marrying my best friend.

This picture doesn't do the ring justice but I took a picture with my phone at night. So I will take another with my camera in the daytime.


Yoj said...

Dude- your ring is LEGIT!!

I love it!

Congrats again and again. :)