Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paul in Nashville!

FINALLY!!! July 26th! I am sooooooooooooooooo stoked. I just found out about it today and I'm not sure how I didn't before. My dad and I went to see him last year in Atlanta and it was amazing. We were far from the stage and I was a little disappointed at it raining outside halfway through the concert. But I was still so blown away from seeing him live that I cried through the first few songs! I just was in shock that I was getting to experience this.

So I spent a little more than I had planned for these tickets for my dad and I but it will be soooooooooooooo worth it. I knew that if I didn't buy them I would regret not spending the extra money later. I bought two VIP tickets with some extra money I had stashed away from a sales bonus I got a couple of months ago. Totally worth it.

Let the countdown begin!!!!!


Yoj said...

You saw him at Piedmont Park last year? I heard it was an awesome show!

Where's he playing in Nashville? I'm thinking of picking up tix for Dad & I to see Steve Miller Band & Frampton at the end of July.

Where are you sitting? :) Excitement!!

Amber said...

YES! And it was mind blowing! He is playing at the Bridgestone Arena (formerly Sommet Center). They changed the name again. We have front row of the second level on the right side of the stage. The floor seats were super, super, super expensive but these are good enough for me. Cause even though it's the second level it's right by the stage. I am sooooooo excited!